Gamble responsibly

Online gambling is all about having fun. It's about enjoying the challenge of playing new games and putting your wits to the test against machines, bookies and live dealers. There is also the added thrill of getting some prize or jackpot. But it's important to gamble responsibly, and that's what we here at always recommend.

The moment when your main goal with online gambling is to make money, is the moment when you need to stop and reconsider your priorities. Your goal should be to have fun, and if you earn a few nzd in the process, treat it as a bonus. Responsible gambling is about not spending money you can't afford.

Playing online slot machines or casino table games is a great form of entertainment. As long as you play responsibly, it's a great way to spend your free time.

But if you or someone you know is showing signs of becoming addicted, you need to know what to do, and that's what this $1 Deposit Casino NZ article is about.


Another form of paid entertainment

Another form of paid entertainment We all need to be entertained. All the work and no fun make Jack (or Jill) a boring boy (or girl), as the saying goes. Most of the entertainment in New Zealand it costs money. A trip to a cinema, seats at the opera, even a night at the local pub with your friends - they all cost money, and online betting is no different.

What's different is that you can win a few bucks when you play online slots or blackjack, or whatever. It's that emotion, or worse, the expectation, that can get you in trouble. You need to know how to gamble responsibly, and if you can't, you need to learn how to do it.

Responsible gambling starts with doing a little research

Responsible gambling starts with doing a little research You should never rush into anything blindly. Every time you try something for the first time, you need to do a little research to find out what you are getting yourself into. For example, you wouldn't start playing blackjack if you were completely unaware of the rules, would you? The same goes for any form of online gambling.

Take a look at some websites New Zealand . Do not register or play - this is just research, so check them out. Take a look at their terms and conditions. If there are words whose meaning you do not know, such as "wandering requirements", for example, research those words specifically. Check out some social networks and chat sites related to gambling.

Set some limits before betting

It's too easy to get carried away with the moment. So you need to set some boundaries.

#1 Set a money limit for a gaming session

Set some limits before betting Limit the amount of dollars New Zealand that you are willing to spend on any gaming session is a good place to start with a responsible gaming ethic. You should already know how much free cash you have left after paying your bills and living expenses. This is the only money you should take advantage of. Never try to spend what you don't have.

#2 Set a time limit for the game session

Once you have decided on your cash limit, the next step on the way to preparing to gamble responsibly is to put a time limit on each online session. It's very easy to get carried away with the moment, and the longer your session, the more dollars you're likely to spend. Therefore, set a time limit and respect it.

Control your behavior when you play

It's all very well, starting with good intentions. But, if they fall by the wayside, as soon as you enter an online betting session, you could find yourself in trouble. So, the next part of this $1 Deposit Casino NZ on how to learn to gamble responsibly focuses on defending your weapons.

#1 Be careful with bonuses

Be careful with bonuses Most of the players New Zealand they start betting online by claiming a welcome bonus. It is the most popular type of bonus and all casinos have them to attract new players to their platforms. They are expressed in terms that seem very generous, and players often claim them and win some money only to find out that they cannot withdraw their winnings until they have met the wagering requirement of the bonus.

This is a classic case where a player New Zealand you could lose sight of the time and money restrictions you set as part of your responsible gambling rules. The excitement of making the necessary additional deposits and playing through them to access your winnings, takes over. Don't leave him.

#2 Understand that the house usually wins

Understand that the house usually wins All online gambling games, whether slot machines or table games, have a house edge and a percentage of RTP (return to player). The smallest house edge is usually 1.5%, and this applies to some blackjack variants. If the house edge is 1.5%, it means that the RTP is 98.5%. You will never see an RTP of 100% or more, which basically means that you will lose in the long run. Understanding this is essential for responsible gambling.

The team here at fully recognizes that you could go against the trend and win in the short term. But over a longer period or over many sessions, you will lose.

#3 Don't be fooled by the gambler's fallacy

Don't be fooled by the gambler's fallacy The "gambler's fallacy" is the conviction that the repetition of circumstances will repeat an earlier victory. That's rubbish. All online casinos New Zealand duly authorized and regulated have RNGs (random number generators) that determine the outcome of games, be it slot machines, cards or other table games. The key word here is "random", and understanding it is essential to learn how to gamble responsibly.

The dictionary explanation of "random" is "an outcome that occurs without a definite goal, reason, or pattern."Online betting platforms spend a lot of money on having RNGs independently audited and certified that produce random and fair game results. $1 Deposit Casino NZ confirms that the repeated circumstances are nothing more than a fluke.

Making use of responsible gaming tools

If you want to take your responsible gambling approach to the next level, you may want to "formalize" the restrictions created by yourself using the tools offered by the online casinos you use. These are some of the most popular tools out there.

The responsible gambling betting limit tool

This tool allows you to set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit. Once in place, the platform New Zealand it will alert you if you try to exceed that limit. You are not affected by money transfers between different wallets or withdrawals you may make. Any increase you try to make will not take effect for 7 days, while any decrease will be applied immediately.

The loss limit tool

As our team here at can tell you, chasing losses is bad news. It is an easy way to increase your losses. But with a loss limit tool, you can limit the amount that you can lose or transfer in a certain period.

The Gamble Responsibility Time Out Tool

The pointers New Zealand who experience a losing streak can use this tool to suspend their access to the casino between 1 and 30 days.

The Gamble Responsibility Time Out Tool Other tools that can help you gamble responsibly include:

  • The budget calculator tool: it helps you analyze your income and your expenses to come up with a possible betting budget.
  • The Reality Check: this tool takes into account the real money games you play. It works on placing bets. It is applied session by session and you receive a report after each session. It's not restrictive, it's informative.
  • The responsible gambling self-assessment: this is a tool that asks you a series of questions about your gaming activities. Based on your answers, it will tell you if you are playing responsibly or if you have any problems.

The last of the available tools is the self-exclusion tool which is part of the discussion below.

What should you do if you feel like you can't stop playing

What should you do if you feel like you can't stop playing If you feel like you want to stop gambling but have difficulty doing so, you may need to use a self-exclusion tool. It is the last step that any New Zealand if you are afraid that you will not be able to gamble responsibly.

Self-exclusion, also known as self-prohibition, is a voluntary step that can be taken by any player New Zealand . Once in force, it completely excludes a player from the areas of gambling sites or an online betting site. All betting platforms New Zealand they are obliged to offer this option to their customers.

There are several self-exclusion programs around New Zealand . They tend to work in a similar way.

  • Choose the platform you want to be excluded from.
  • Sign a deed or electronically confirm with the platform the duration of the exclusion.

$1 Deposit Casino NZ advises players New Zealand let them think long and hard before activating a self-exclusion order. Once in force (there is usually a 24-hour cooling-off period), it cannot be revoked until the requested exclusion period has ended.

If you think you need help, here are various support organizations with the that you can talk about how to play responsibly before making a rash decision and regretting it in retrospect: companies like GamCare and . You can also read the guide "Gambling addiction and problems with gambling" on the website .

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